Massages & Sound Healing

Sound Healing, 1 hour - £70 

(Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Bath + Chakra Flow Test)

Aromatherapy Massage + Sound Bath, 1.5 hours - £100

Anti- Ageing Face Treatment, 1 hour - £80

(Ultrasonic Face Cleansing, Lifting Face Massage, Anti-Ageing Face Mask, Sound Healing Relaxation)

Moon Package - Total Care, 2 hours - £140 - Totally recommended Bliss Option

(Aromatherapy massage + Energetic Balancing + Ultrasonic  Face Cleansing, Anti-Aging Face Massage and Mask + Sound Healing Bath)

Tantric Massage, 2 - 2.5 hours - £300  

Sensual & Tactile Massage that also involves some body to body contact. It has elements of moving the body allowing for deeper stretches and  activation of energetic flow, achieving an ecstatic orgasmic sensations in the whole body. It ends with sound healing relaxation for a full recharge and assimilation. 

If you have questions regarding any treatment please email Tali J to