Transform your life in 40 Days Course

Course is suitable  for anyone who is at a crossroads, seeking change, a greater understanding of themselves and a more

fulfilling life. It can also help with the prevention of and/or aid any existing physical, mental and spiritual blocks, complaints and illnesses.


*Three by weekly intensive sessions 2.5 - 3 hours each

Include: Therapeutically guided meditations and affirmations, unique method of energy, sound & vibration healing that energetically balances chakras, talk therapy/consultation, guidance on daily practice and more.

*Daily self practice (20 - 60 min) that will be individually tailored

***If you can not commit to daily self practice, have time restrictions, can only do sessions on line etc it is recommended to allow 90 days to complete the course and will have more flexible approach accounting for your circumstances.

The course is aimed to

1. Release the past: subconscious programming, past traumas, move on from certain situation, break old habits and addictions.

2. Program the future to your highest path: set new positive habits, improve confidence and self esteem, change or enhance life direction, improve relationships (inc attract your soul mate), increase prosperity and abundance, improve life satisfaction and health.

Investment: £600

** you can also opt for additional interim on-line of face to face sessions for more support, especially if daily practice is a place of a challenge.

Location: Sessions are held in Pinner home studio or Beaconsfield. Home visits are available, please query.

P.S. Course is not designed to diagnose or treat specific conditions. This is a complementary therapy which can go along side your other medical treatments.

Drop in Healing session

Drop in healing session is a great  after care tool available for you once you completed the course for a regular or occasional boost up of your progress and motivation.